Childhood Cancer Survivor Stories

Meet some of the childhood cancer survivors that the NCCS has helped throughout the years. Read their cancer survivor stories, view their pictures and learn more about their journey. We're sure they will inspire you - just as they inspire us each and every day!

Meet Chance

It was during bath time that Chance’s grandma noticed the large growth on his leg.
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Meet Lauren

Lauren knows how important a positive attitude is and continues to spread that positivity to others battling cancer.
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Meet Tatum

Lacie says her daughter is often in pain but is a "rock star and a brave fighter. We know she is going to beat cancer..."
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Meet Alicia

Throughout her fight against cancer, sweet baby Alicia has shown great strength and bravery.
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Meet Tiger

"I cried when they told me that my 14 year-old son had cancer," shared Ebony Tiger's mom
→ read Tiger's story

Meet Jamazia

The NCCS helped Jamazia get to her many therapy and doctor appointments. "We want to say thank you," said Jamazia's mom
→ read Jamazia's story

Meet Skylar

"The help from the NCCS is greatly appreciated," said Patricia, Skylar's mom
→ read Skylar's story

Meet Amber

It's hard to imagine a two year-old saying the words "bilateral retinoblastoma"...
→ read Amber's story

Meet Nasir

Nasir's mom knew she needed help getting her son to his appointments when she reached out to the NCCS.
→ read Nasir's story

Meet Liz

"Liz has been so strong through all of this," shared Amber, Liz's mom.
→ read Liz's story

Meet Robert

Meet Robert - a little boy who battles leukemia "with a smile and a laugh like no other."
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Meet Paisley

"If it weren't for the NCCS, I wouldn't know what I would have done" - Paula, Paisley's mom
→ read Paisley's story

Meet Malcolm

"We have been so blessed by... family, friends, and organizations like The NCCS" - Todd, Malcolm's dad
→ read Malcolm's story

Meet Luke

"The NCCS has been such a blessing to us," - Lauren, Luke's mom
→ read Luke's story

Meet Lucas

"He is such a fighter and I am truly amazed by him every single day." - Lucas' mom.
→ read Lucas' story

Meet Elijah

With the help of The NCCS... Elijah is being treated in at one of the best facilities possible.
→ read Elijah's story

Meet Dimitri

The NCCS was able to help ensure Dimitri made it to every appointment.
→ read Dimitri's story

Meet Colton

"You are wonderful and we cannot thank you enough," - Colton's mom
→ read Colton's story

Meet Teddy

"The diagnosis took everyone by complete surprise, even the doctors," - Teddy's mom
→ read Teddy's story

Meet Myra

"The NCCS has helped us a lot by taking away some of the worry during this hard time," - Myra's mom
→ read Myra's story

Meet Katelyn

"The support that our case manager at the NCCS has given to us is truly amazing," - Katelyn's mom
→ read Katelyn's story

Meet Evan

"Thank you so much NCCS for all of the support you have given to us during the most difficult time of our lives." - Evan's mom
→ read Evan's story

Meet Charlie

Even with an excellent treatment center nearby, costs to get Charlie there mounted. The NCCS was there to help.
→ read Charlie's story

Meet Carter

"The NCCS has been a lifesaver... they always make sure we know that they are there for us" - Carter's mom
→ read Carter's story

Meet Alexis

"Your organization has been a blessing. Your help lightens the load. You are appreciated. Grateful!!" - Alexis' mom
→ read Alexis' story

Meet Jack

"We are grateful that the NCCS has helped us out in this time of need... It gives us one less thing to worry about." - Jack's mom
→ read Jack's story

Meet Mozlee

"We could not have made it without the financial and emotional support we have received..." - Mozlee's mom
→ read Mozlee's story

Meet Gardenia

"Without NCCS helping us... we would be lost trying to figure out how to fund our little girl's hospital trips." - Gardenia's mom
→ read Gardenia's story

Meet Amelia

"We are so thankful for all the support and love we've received on behalf of our infant." - Amelia's mom
→ read Amelia's story

Meet Lillian

"Thank you so much for everything you are doing for families like mine." - Lillian's mom
→ read Lillian's story

Meet Ainsley

"We are so grateful to the NCCS," said Angela, Ainsley's mom . "They have helped us financially, spiritually and emotionally..."
→ read Ainsley's story

Meet Brandon

"Hearing your seven year-old has cancer has got to be the hardest words for any parents to hear," - Brandon's mom
→ read Brandon's story

Meet Anthony

"NCCS and their financial help has been a relief... to have some of the burden lifted has been a great blessing." - Anthony's mom
→ read Anthony's story

Meet Hailee

"We are humbled by the outpouring of support." - Hailee's mom
→ read Hailee's story

Meet Rosalyn

"Aside from the severe emotional pain we experienced, our finances were drastically impacted..." - Rosalyn's mom
→ read Rosalyn's story

Meet Sophia

"We fight together as a team to try and save her vision and more importantly, her life." _ Sophia's mom
→ read Sophia's story

Meet Kaleb

"Hearing those words that your child has cancer... has turned our once normal lives upside down," said Kaleb’s mom, Cheyanne.
→ read Kaleb's story

Meet Oliver

"The National Children's Cancer Society has been extremely helpful in making our mission possible."
→ read Oliver's story

Meet Sophia

"We will forever be grateful for everything you have helped our family with..." Guadalupe - Sophia's mom.
→ read Sophia's story

Meet Adam

"We found a huge light through The National Children's Cancer Society"
→ read Adam's story

Meet Aloriea

"The NCCS is just as much a part of saving my daughter’s life as the doctors..."
→ read Aloriea's story

Meet Allie

"Thank you for helping us fight the good fight!"
→ read Allie's story

Meet Allysa

"We want to say thank you, NCCS, for all the help on our journey to recovery!"
→ read Allysa's story

Meet Anders

"We could not have given Anders the best possible outcome without their help."
→ read Anders story

Meet Anderson

"The National Children’s Cancer organization has been vital in helping us through our struggles"
→ read Anderson's story

Meet Austin

Meet Austin Serrano who, throughout his battle, has never lost his childish sense of fun.
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Meet Beckham

"I have often reflected on how blessed we have been by the generosity of the NCCS."
→ read Beckham's story

Meet Brad

"Your organization made a huge difference in his life whether you know it or not"
→ read Brad's story

Meet Brayden

"My son, Brayden, was diagnosed with bilateral Retinoblastoma at two weeks old."
→ read Brayden's story

Meet Chelsea

"The money I received helped out so much. I am so grateful for their help."
→ read Chelsea's story

Meet Cody

"I will never forget that day that our life was changed. Some for the worse and some for the better."
→ read Cody's story

Children with Cancer Survivor Stories

Meet Dakota

"Without the aid of NCCS, we would not be able to get the healthcare treatment our daughter requires to stay alive."
→ read Dakota's story

Meet Drew

"The extra boost from NCCS removed some of the extra weight on our shoulders...Thank you NCCS!"
→ read Drew's story

Meet Elise

Elise was diagnosed when she was only five months old with bilateral Retinoblastoma.
→ read Elise's story

Meet Emily

"She's found a way, with God, I believe, to embrace all she has and enjoy life in a way that some never figure out."
→ read Emily's story

Meet Grant

Grant is a boy from Illinois who was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer called Spitzoid Melanoma.
→ read Grant's story

Meet Joseph

"He is an amazing person who shares his story with everyone."
→ read Joseph's story

Meet Josh

It was that love of sports and a seemingly normal day of tee-ball practice that changed the Cooper family forever.
→ read Josh's story

Childhood Cancer Survivors

Meet Juliana

"We really appreciate The NCCS - their help means one less thing we have to worry about."
→ read Juliana's story

Meet Justin

"People always say 'to know Justin is to love Justin!'"
→ read Justin's story

Meet Lauren

"We are truly grateful for the kindness and generosity the NCCS has given our family."
→ read Lauren's story

Meet Lucas

"Thank you for all that you do, and for what you have done for our family. God Bless!"
→ read Lucas' story

Meet Molly

"Going through childhood cancer as a family turns your world upside down. Imagine facing that news not once, but twice."
→ read Molly's story

Meet Nelvyn

"I share my story to inspire others in the same situation"
→ read Nelvyn's story

Meet Nicholas

"Finding out your child has cancer feels like an emotional knockout punch"
→ read Nicholas' story

Meet Noah

Elizabeth Shaw was new to parenthood when she noticed that her three-month-old son, Noah, wasn't focusing his eyes on anyone or anything.
→ read Noah's story

Meet Olivia

"We are so thankful for everything NCCS has done for Olivia. We cannot imagine our incredible journey without their help."
→ read Olivia's story

Meet Porter

"Thank you NCCS for all you do."
→ read Porter's story

Meet Roman

Roman was a happy, healthy kindergartener who had never been sick longer than 48 hours in his entire life. But that all changed in October 2010.
→ read Roman's story

Meet Sam

Sam is from Texas and has Neuroblastoma. He has been fighting cancer since he was four years old.
→ read Sam's story

Meet Santiago

"When your child is diagnosed with cancer, your life stops, changes course, and begins toward a path to do anything to help your baby."
→ read Santiago's story

Meet Sara

"Thank you for all the support you gave us!"
→ read Sara story

childhood cancer survivor stories

Meet Tia

"Life is good!! We are so blessed! Thank you National Children's Cancer Society!"
→ read Tia's story

Meet Zach

"Thank you to the NCCS for all you do for our kids."
→ read Zach's story