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Meet Tatum

Meet Tatum – Medulloblastoma Warrior

Tatum was a healthy nine year-old girl until she inexplicably started vomiting every single day. Her pediatrician was certain it was caused by anxiety or acid reflux since she did not have any other symptoms. One month later, Tatum was unable to move the left side of her face and her doctors came to the conclusion that she had Bell’s palsy. When another three months passed and the vomiting and face paralysis continued without a known cause, they went to a gastroenterologist who immediately sent her to the emergency room. CT and MRI scans returned with bad news – there was a tumor near Tatum’s brain stem. After enduring a six hour surgery, she was diagnosed with medulloblastoma.

Tatum rigorous treatment plan included radiation, chemotherapy and transfusions. Because of this, she struggles with significant weight and memory loss. When the frequent 45 minute trips to the hospital began draining her family's finances, Tatum’s mom Lacie reached out to the NCCS for assistance to ensure Tatum made it to her appointments. Lacie says her daughter is often in pain but is a "rock star and a brave fighter. We know she is going to beat cancer..."

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