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Meet Rosalyn

Meet Rosalyn - Leukemia Survivor

Rosalyn is a little girl full of laughter and fun. She loves to ride her bike, swim, sing, read, and play dress-up with her younger sister. But, when Rosalyn was only four years old, she suddenly became immobile due to pain in her hips and legs. Her mother rushed her to the hospital thinking she had hurt herself in a fall but instead received devastating news. Rosalyn was diagnosed with leukemia. “Our lives changed drastically,” said Myeisha, Rosalyn’s mom. “Aside from the severe emotional pain we experienced, our finances were drastically impacted and money became extremely tight. I had to cut my work schedule in half and that made our bills seem even harder to pay. Fortunately, I was blessed with support from The National Children’s Cancer Society.” Rosalyn went into full remission just one month after her diagnosis, but she still had to undergo chemo for another two years. The NCCS provided mileage assistance to help make sure Rosalyn got to her doctor appointments and valuable emotional support during her entire journey. “Our case manager will always be dear to our family . . . she went out of her way to show us that the NCCS had a special place for Rosalyn by calling to check on her and making sure she was doing well. We sincerely thank The National Children’s Cancer Society for doing more for us than we could ever imagine.”